Which designers are contenders for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress?

The bride to be of Prince Harry is already known for her modern and understated fashion sense, and now the wedding is actually happening, speculation has turned to who will design Meghan Markle’s dress for the big occasion.

Personal contacts

One of Ms Markle’s good friends is Misha Nonoo, who is established in the fashion scene in New York. When Ms Markle made her first official appearance in public at the Invictus Games, it was one of her pal’s designs that Ms Markle wore. Nonoo would be a loyal and discrete choice, but her strengths as a designer appear to be concentrated in separates and sleek tailored outfits. As she is American, Ms Markle might choose a US designer such as Oscar de la Renta, who has designed for many celebrity weddings.

British choices

Jenny Packham is British, has a sterling pedigree in creating wedding dresses, and would be sure to produce something glamorous and appropriate. Alexander McQueen is another option, and this label produced Kate Middleton’s beautiful dress. Emilia Wickstead is another UK designer who is an emerging favourite with the society crowd.

Most likely to …

Canadian-Turkish designer, Erdem, has already proved popular with Ms Markle. His frocks are pretty and modern, and he already dresses celebrities and the Middleton sisters. Fashion insiders say this label is perfectly poised to produce a wedding dress for Ms Markle that ticks all the right boxes.

People are curious about all aspects of Ms Markle’s wedding, and this report from The Sun has more details about the plans, including that the wedding will take place in Windsor. A country setting can be lovely for a wedding. If you are looking around for a Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue, it would be a good idea to look at options such as http://www.thespeechhouse.co.uk/weddings/. An expert venue like this can give you ideas about what to expect.

The royal wedding is due to take place in May, so speculation will continue to mount about who gets the designing job of 2018. Based on her previous style, however, it seems almost guaranteed that Ms. Markle will choose a designer who will create something spectacular and memorable to suit a modern bride, with a nod to tradition and the family that she is marrying into.

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How A Crime-Hit Neighbourhood Is Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

A crime-hit neighborhood hired a private warden in order to tackle anti-social behavior. After a series of crimes involving addicts, drug gangs, beggars and rough sleepers left the locals and shop owners living in fear, the residents decided to take matters into their own hands and hire their own private guard.

Despite the fact that they are living in one of the most deprived areas in the country, they wanted to fund a private warden to take care of the job that the police were no longer doing. The money ran out after about a year and the resident’s application for funding from their local council was turned down.

Cuts to policing meant that the streets once again became unsafe. There was also a point made about the warden only being able to provide an eyes and ears service. However, he was able to disperse gangs.

Residents’ frustration

The residents became increasingly frustrated, as they are paying their taxes which should go towards policing, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Under the current government, there have been cuts and more cuts, especially to vital services such as the police. This is leaving residents feeling incredibly unsafe, with drug dealers and shootings being a very common occurrence, especially around the middle of the day.

It seems to be left to individuals to be their own police force, rather than having a trained officer on hand. Similar stories of the public having to take matters into their own hands, because of a lack of policing, are relatively common.

There is the talk of more police officers using body-worn camera technology, from places such as https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/, and perhaps they should be given to all police officers, not just British Transport Police Officers.

Other stories of residents’ policing

There are many other stories of the public having to take matters into their own hands, such as when a street was turned into an unofficial airport car park. Householders started sticking signs on window screens saying that vehicles had been dumped by holidaymakers and parking firms. Residents had decided to take this action, after there was growing congestion on their street and they had become increasingly concerned that a crash would happen sooner or later or that someone would be knocked down.

The Numerous Types of Photography- Capturing Canvases With Lenses

Photography is a form of art that it no longer stipulated to only a particular category of people, the majority of the masses have become highly inclined towards photography.  The fact, however, prevails, that not all have the hand and eye of a photographer. Just being able to click shots from a camera do not qualify you as a photographer, there are several elements and basics of photography which Michael Haddad has knowledge of, that need to be kept in mind while capturing a photograph.

Michael Haddad is a curator of photography and is a huge art enthusiast. Photography involves many different types of techniques and skills, which when employed make each photograph one of its kind. As many are the number of techniques so diverse are the categories of this form of art.

  • Landscape Photography – the beautiful scenery and landscapes are captured in the frame of a photograph in this type of photography.
  • Wildlife Photography – the animals and their natural habits, as well as habitat, can become the subject of your photography and this is what makes this kind of photography so special. Journals and exhibitions mostly use these photographs.
  • Aerial photography – photographs clicked with the help of helicopters, airplanes, air balloons, skyscrapers and parachutes fall under this category. This is a completely different perspective of the photographer.
  • Sports or Action Photography – the decisive moments of an event are captured in this genre of photography. It is considered to be one of the most difficult types of photography as it involves the use of various equipment.
  • Portrait Photography – this is one of the oldest types of photography which could be shooting family or single photographs, or even the photographs of your friends as well as the pets of your family.
  • Architectural Photography – the inanimate objects of your surroundings such as the houses and buildings could also form the subject of your photograph. This form of photography done by taking shots from various angles is done primarily in order to influence the decision-making process of prospective real estate buyers.
  • Wedding Photography/ Event Photography – this is a very popular form of photography and needs extremely practiced hands for it because it is about capturing some of the most important events of an individual’s life.
  • Fashion Photography – the fashion industry is largely dependent on this type of photography for its successful running. It is not just the models who are photographed here but also all the items related to fashion such as shoes, bags, accessories.
  • Macro Photography – a type of photography in which the photographs are taken from the very close proximity of the object, such as an insect, a flower, textures of interwoven fabrics, etc.
  • Abstract Photograph – just like abstract painting, photography to has an abstract category that focuses on pattern, shape, color, texture, and form.
  • Black and White Photography – the natural beauty of subjects is best brought out in this type of photography.

There are much more types of photography and this is what perhaps reveals the wide scope of photography – an expression of the photographer’ perspective of this world.

Understanding the Connection between Faith & Healing

Faith is the very foundation of Christian belief. Christians begin their journey with the profession of their faith and belief in who God is. The Christians believe by faith that Christ existed, passed away on the cross, and resurrected on the third day. Because of faith, the Christians believe that God gave his son Jesus for the redemption of people’s sins.

So, it can be said that having faith is a requirement for Christians, and listed below are the reasons that explain why it is so vital for Christians to have faith in their lives:

  • It will become impossible to please God without having faith. It is said that when followers seek God with a clean and trusting heart, God affectionately heals their bodies, repairs their broken relationships and answers their prayers.
  • Faith is essential as it affects the decisions that people make, the way they communicate with others, and the way they respond to the situations.  It is said that the more believers put their trust in God, the more faith they develop.
  • Faith gives testimony. The words in testimony are not only built up on the person speaking, but they give courage to the listener of the testimony and inspire them to believe in God as well.
  • Faith helps in discovering the purpose in life by moving them forward and by guiding them in the right direction.
  • It is easy to give entry to anxiety, fear, and stress but the faith helps these things to stay away. Therefore, it is important to learn to have faith and use it to eliminate anxiety, fear, and stress.
  • Faith acts as a pathway to find solutions in life. It is important to remember that human beings are here not only to survive but to thrive. So, those who are only surviving have lots of things in store. Those who really want something in life deep down inside; then faith is the only thing that can actually help.

Splankna Therapy Institute helps people attain holistic healing via the effects of mind body techniques without compromising on faith and spiritual boundaries. Therefore, it can be said that faith is deep-rooted in the anticipation of good things to come. It actually goes beyond hope as hope lives within the mind but faith is immersed deep inside the heart and the spirit and this is something that cannot be explained away by logic or reason or be assumed through a single element.

Faith is thus just as vital as the air people breathe. As the presence of oxygen in the air nurtures the body, faith nurtures the soul and the heart. It is the energy that progresses through each particular cell and fiber within the body. It is, in fact, a part of each strand and each muscle of thought and is the basic foundation of people’s presence.

Splankna is the institute that offers a Christian protocol for mind body work adapting elements from Thought-Field Therapy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, spiritual warfare and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Great Fashion Tips for The Hot Indian Weather


Fashion is eternal, every season there are new trends that originate in the fashion centres of the world such as Paris, Milan, New York and Mumbai and it percolates to the other cities of the world and people start following the trends. Fashion is eternal, but it is not really universal. Some trends that work in one place does not always work in other places. This is because of the cultural differences as well as the differences in the weather that different places experience.

This is the reason why it is hard to find the right fashion for the Indian hot weather. For this you will need to follow some of the following –

It is Cool to Dress Down

Some people feel that dressing up a lot is what people feel is fashionable. But, this is not very true as these days dressing simple and dressing down is what is considered to be fashionable. Gone are the days when layers and complications in dressings were the thing that people looked up to. You can buy tops & T-shirts for women online in India that suit the philosophy of dressing down and dressing simple.

Dressing simple will also help you cope with the heat along with being fashionable. Lesser the layers, lesser the heat that is absorbed into the body. This means you will end up being more comfortable.

Cotton is the King

We all know that silk will absorb more heat and materials like cotton will help us stay cool and relaxed. Always remember that cotton is the material you need when the temperature starts to increase. It can help you feel a few degrees cooler in the hot Indian sun.

Cotton has the property that it repels heat and pushes away the sun rays which makes us seem a lot cooler and it also helps the wind to blow into the clothes so that it cools us down.

White is Neat!

People usually avoid wearing white clothes because they feel that it can easily get dirty. But if you wear white during the hot summers of India, then you will be staying cool even in high temperatures. White does not absorb any heat, black, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of heat so it can make even a thin piece of clothing feel like a jacket.

If you are not comfortable wearing white, then try to wear any colour that is not dark. Darker colours are going to make you feel hotter.

Tunic Tops Are in!

For women, tunic tops are a hot new trend for the summers of India. They are very comfortable to wear and do not heat you up like how some of the other clothes do. You can easily buy tunic tops for women at low prices.

Therefore, you have learnt about some of the best ways to stay cool and at the same time be extremely fashionable in the hot Indian weather. So, what are you waiting for? Get these clothes and stay cool!