Cool Gadgets To Bring Your Garage Into The 21st Century

If you are looking to bring your garage into the 21st century, then you could consider investing in some gadgets.  There is a multitude of gadgets available for garages these days and in the following article, we will look at some of the best.  From apps that can open your garage door from your car to sensors that will help you park safer and easier, we have put together a whole list of cool stuff.


The first gadget we wanted to include is MyLifter. Statistics show that 1 in 3 of us Brits hoard junk in our garage, so you might need a bit off assistance cleaning it out. This is a motorised lifting device that can be controlled by your Android or Apple smartphone.  Each individual unit is only 3 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches, 2lbs but amazingly can lift up to 100 lbs using its 25 feet of stainless steel cable.

While a single unit can be used to lift objects like storage boxes, kayaks, and even bikes; when you combine more than one unit together, you can lift even heavier objects.  You can combine a total of 4 MyLifter units together and they feature a built-in safety mechanism that prevents anything over the 100lbs limit being lifted.

MYQ Garage

There are a plethora of different garage door opening apps and devices available nowadays, and as your taste may be different from ours, you may wish to choose a different one.  However, we have chosen our favourite, which is the MyQ Garage, because of its simplicity and the additional safety feature it includes.

It works with most remotely opened garage doors such as products from Garador, and Hoormann, MyQ Garage is an all-in-one device that enables you to monitor, open and close your garage door using your smartphone from absolutely anywhere.  Using the Wi-Fi connection in your home, it notifies you whenever your garage door is opened or closed.

Chamberlain CLULP1 Universal Garage Parking Assist

Parking in tight spaces is always tricky, but it is even trickier when the tight space you are trying to park it is a garage with equipment and other expensive and dangerous equipment stored.  There are various devices and apps that can help you park safer, but we have decided to highlight one in particular – the Chamberlain CLULP1 Universal Garage Parking Assist.  This is a truly ingenious invention that allows you to park your car safely and efficiently each and every time.  It works in conjunction with virtually any garage door opening system and activates automatically when you enter your garage.  The light beaming down from the system will turn red when you are in the right spot for safe parking.

Parking Mat

If the above is a little too technical for you or you want an extra degree of safety when parking, why not opt for the simple design of the Parking Mat.  You simply stick these to the floor of your garage in the space you want to park your car and it will indicate whether you are parking in the right spot or not.  It features two tall projections – one 1 inch that lets you know you are in the correct spot and another 2 inch one that tells you to stop.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Spray Painting Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is increasingly popular, particularly if it’s vintage in style. The problem is that if it’s subject to a hard life, it picks up chips and scratches which can lead to corrosion, leaving it looking rather careworn.

Fortunately, unlike restoring wooden furniture which can require the services of an expert, giving your metal furniture a bit of a spruce up is something you can easily do at home.

Preparation is key

The secret to getting a good finish on metal furniture is to prepare the surface carefully. The first step is to get rid of any rust and peeling paint. Do this by rubbing the piece down with some medium grade sandpaper. If it’s an old piece, the original paint may contain lead, so wear a face mask to prevent you from breathing in particles.

When you’ve finished sanding, wipe the furniture down with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust. If it’s come from a factory environment, it may be contaminated with oil or grease, so a wipe down with white spirit should remove this. If you’re looking to source industrial shelving in Ireland to use as industrial-style furniture, Rack Zone could help.


With the surface prepared, you’re ready to start painting. Spray paint can be hazardous, so make sure you follow safety rules. Work in a well-ventilated area – outdoors is good, but you need a still day. For small pieces, you can use a large cardboard box as a makeshift spray booth, otherwise, use cardboard or an old blanket or sheet to protect the work area from overspray.

If you’ve stripped off most of the original paint, you’ll need to use a primer first before applying a top coat. Do hidden areas like the underside first to get a feel for spraying evenly where the finish doesn’t matter too much. Follow the instructions on the can to get the right technique.

For the finishing coat, use a paint that’s specifically designed for metal – such as Hammerite – and spray a light even coat. You may need to add extra coats in order to get an even colour, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding re-coating.

Once you’re happy with the finish, leave the piece for at least 48 hours to make sure it’s fully dry before you use it.

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Some tricks of buying carpet online!

Carpet plays crucial role in the décor and a lot of time people are bewildered when it comes to finding the right as per the overall décor of the space. Carpet industry has gone through a major shift and seeing the current international marketing trends, it is now making modern designs carpets and rugs to give your space contemporary look.

Now you do not have to buy those classic browns and reds or paisley designs and motifs as now you can easily browse through numerous design that are ready to give your place much needed glam and class. One can easily browse through heaps of designs and patterns that you can choose as per the requirement.

As stated earlier, a lot of time people are confused when looking for the carpets, thus it is advisable to apprise yourself with current designs and pattern so that you can choose the best that would help in enhancing the overall look of the home. One can easily find modern carpet online, as now most of the carpet producers are manufacturing products according to the current trends that are setting in, or will run the market in the coming times.

What points you need to keep in mind when buying carpet?

Although it looks buying carpet is as easy cutting the cake but you need to put in certain points in mind before buying so that you are sure that you are investing money on the right product.

Buying carpet online is not only easy but it is hassle free as well. You will get the product delivered at your doorstep, but in order to be a smart consumer you need to put in little efforts to make the intelligent decision. Carpets online India offers wide variety of designs right from traditional motifs to digital designs and abstract art. It has it all for the consumer. It is necessary to be well aware of nitty gritty as this will undoubtedly help you to choose the best option for you. One of the best ways is to see the review as this will give you an idea about the particular carpet that you wish to buy. In addition, one of the easiest ways is to keep an eye on product description as this will give you an idea and you can easily trace out the reality.

Research Well

Do researches as this will help you to have information about the manufacturers and brands so that you can choose the best one that you are looking as per your criteria and the changes for the décor of the chosen place? Pick the right size rug, as a misfit will ruin the entire look of the place thus best is to take up measurement and then find in accordance.

These are a few points that you need to keep in mind when looking forward to buy carpet online as this will certainly help you to make an informed choice and you will spend your money on the right carpet.

How to Fix a Vacuum Hose?

How to Fix a Vacuum Hose?

Vacuum cleaners are great home appliances. One good vacuum cleaner can last for years. But like any other appliance, they need regular maintenance to maintain their level of performance. The vacuum hose is used to move the vacuum around the house to clean hard to reach areas. As a result, it can get damaged. Knowing how to fix a vacuum hose ensures that you can use it for long.

What is Wrong With the Hose?

Once you feel that you have to go over every area more than once to have it clean, then it is time to check your machine. Make sure that your motor is working and that the brush is rolling. If all is well, then you probably have a problem with your hose.

It is very important to check the hose for clogs. Sometimes, your machine will accidentally suck on a sock or a toy that will clog the hose. If you can see the clog, then try to remove it. Sometimes the clog is not to be seen. In that case, you have to remove the hose and use a broomstick handle to dislodge the clog. You should, however, be careful as the obstacle might have some sharp edges that might ruin your hose. After the clog is removed, you can reattach your hose and resume cleaning. You may wish to know about central vacuums, if you do then the aforementioned link is the best place for you.

How to Fix a Vacuum Hose?

If you can feel a leak in the hose, then you need to know how to fix it promptly. This will enable you to fix the damage without having to replace the hose. You need to examine the hose thoroughly for holes and punctures. Turn the machine on and feel the hose with your fingers. Check where you feel the air leaking, this is probably where you need to fix the hose.

There are several ways to fix a hose leak. You can easily use duct tape to cover a hole. Clean the leak to remove any dust or grease that might stop the tape from sticking properly. Next stretch the hose as much as you can. Simply wrap the tape around the leak and make sure that you apply pressure. The hose has dents and this might make the tape uneven. This is why you need to apply a thin layer and properly secure it before applying another one.

Having an exposed area of stickiness inside the hose is not the best option. You can spread some chalk or flour on the floor and clean this up. This will cover the interior sticky part of the hose to prevent the dust and debris from clogging your hose one more time.

If the leak is near the top of the hose, you can easily cut it off. Simply, remove the plastic connector and cut the damaged area. After that reattach the connector and resume using your hose. However, if your plastic connector is not removable, you won’t be able to do that.

When Do I Need to Replace My Hose?

If you find a lot of cracks then it is probably time to replace the hose. A good universal vacuum hose will work just fine. All you have to do is to make sure that it fits your vacuum. Even the best vacuum for commercial use will need regular maintenance. By time, the plastic hose will dry out and lose its ability to stretch. In that case, repairing the hose becomes a time consuming task.

One single crack can be easily fixed but if you start to see multiple cracks and punctures then it is time to let go of your old hose. Understanding how to fix a vacuum hose will make your machine last longer. However, sometimes buying a new hose could be the answer. You be the judge.

Adorning Floor Spaces-Carpet Flooring Suppliers And Manufacturers

Large spaces such as in offices, hotels require floors to be covered such that they provide a good ambience and a warm feeling. Wooden flooring, stone flooring and others are high maintenance for any space, nor do they provide warmth. Carpet tile is an innovative way to adorn a space and bring some innovation.

Advantages of carpeting a space with tiles

  1. Low cost installation: Carpet tiles come in small sizes that are easily transported to any space. They are easy to install and require very less time compared to traditional flooring of stone or wood.
  2. Low maintenance: Stone or wooden flooring are high maintenance while carpet flooring is very low maintenance.
  3. Easy to remove, so the same space can be innovated upon: A space can get a new look by changing the floor patterns. It is very easy to do so with carpet tiles. They can easily be removed and changed. If a tile needs to be changed, it takes only a day to do so unlike using traditional flooring materials.
  4. Available in variety of colours and patterns: Manufacturers have become very innovative with designs and colours. Interior designing has never been so easy. The whole space can be made to look entirely different by changing these floor tiles.
  5. Thickness: Carpet tiles come in varied thickness depending on the demand of the clients. They can be from 6mm to 14 mm or even thicker.
  6. Different sizes: Carpet tiles come in different sizes to cater to all spaces. If a space is small, the tiles are of small size and pattern but if the space is very large, the size of the tile is bigger.

Carpet flooring suppliers in India are now teaming up with interior designers and coming up with new designs, patterns and colours. Some suppliers keep a specific kind of tile while some others cater to a larger clientele need.

Carpet manufacturing industries in India

Industries that manufacture carpets are spread all over the country. They are especially dense in northern India with Jammu and Kashmir being most famous for the silk carpets. Not only do these manufacturing units cater to clients in India but also to clients abroad. Some carpet manufacturers employ designers and weavers thus sustaining their livelihoods to create handmade carpets, which are much more expensive than machine woven carpets. Creating hand-woven carpets has led to this traditional art of weaving from dying out. Some smaller manufacturing industries employ women thus empowering them and respecting the artisan for her craft.

Some famous carpet manufacturing industries are situated at the outskirts of cities, therefore providing employment opportunities to people in smaller towns and cities. Youth do not remain unemployed. They are trained in the use of technology and then absorbed into the manufacturing unit.

Designs from all over the world serve as inspiration for the carpet manufacturing industries. From traditional Persian designs to motifs of the new millennium, carpet manufacturers are catering to all tastes.