World Renowned Heart Valve Replacement Technique Of India

Heart valve replacement operation now is one of the common surgical operation in India. The country has developed some the best alternate in whole procedures and the success rate is more than 95% including all small to big complications. In India, this critical operation is carried out in a very balanced approach which means, the surgeon cardiac and their equipment combined tuning will ensure high-end results.

How much will it cost?

If we talk about the heart valve replacement surgery cost, then it is quite affordable to any class of Indian and foreigner. The major reason for such a high success rate is the flow of knowledge that Indian doctors are maintaining with the international medical units of almost every leading nation. You can come over here for this operation without any second thought in mind.

What is heart valve replacement and how they do it?

Heart Valve Replacement operation is most of the time an open chest operation where the chest will be open up to reach the heart of the patient. Then new valve will be sewed to the place of the abnormal valve.

  • First of all, an Angiography of the patient will be done to know that which valve is not working properly in major cases 2 or sometimes 3 valves are faulty and pushes pumped blood back.
  • After doctors are confirmed then they took Chest X-ray and Echo Cardiogram of the patient.
  • And the third stage is operation and it took 4 to 6 hours.
  • After staying at Hospital for 7 days you will be discharged and slowly will come back to the normal routine.

Advantages of choosing India for heart valve replacement operation

  • The heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is very low as compared to the western countries. Here Valve surgery cost more or less is equivalent to the hip replacement surgery in the USA.
  • Most of the Medical professionals who performs the surgery was highly capable and well experienced as they already worked on international assignments of same surgery.
  • It is a well-known fact now that under the cases of heart surgeries the risk handling capabilities of Indian Doctors are higher.
  • The equipment used by Indian facilities are up to date and whole technique is imported from the top notch medical hub countries like the USA.
  • India is now a hub for the medical tourism so foreigners who visited here for surgery can undergo an operation in a very soothing environment just by paying little extra to agencies.

Things you should know?

  • There are two types of valves used first is prosthetic that has less risk of infection but low on life.
  • Mechanical valve has a high life but it is associated with some minor complication so talk to your doctor about that.
  • After surgery, you will start feeling great day by day so no need to get over frustrated.

Last but not the least, the suggestion is live a healthier life by following doctor’s prescription and changing your daily routine means do regular exercise and avoid bad food.

Psychotherapy: Functioning and Benefits for Human Body

Psychotherapy has always been a critical part of any treatment especially for bipolar disorder also known as maniac disorder and depression. If you get some good therapist for the same they will definitely help you to cope up with symptoms, feelings and the change in behavior which is probably due to psychiatric illness. Valley Village Therapies are well known all over the world. Taking the psychotherapy is not all about talking about all your problems, doing this helps you to reduce your stress and takes you quite close to the recovery. It gradually takes you one step closer to recovery of your health issues.

Some therapies of Valley Village therapists also assign you with some activities to be practiced at home like keeping a track on your mood, trying to get more social with people and some social activities and writing about your thoughts. You family and loved ones will encourage you to look at things with different perspective and in a very positive manner.

Psychotherapy Functioning and Benefits for Human Body

Usually these days psychiatrists basically focus on the current thought of a person, their feelings and issues related to life. They also focus into your past so that through it they could extract the whole history of your life. The best Valley Village therapists are known for practicing this. Focusing on the past will help them to cope up with your present and future as well. You may need to see the therapist more often in the beginning but with time you would be capable enough to manage things on your own. This will enable you to visit the therapist less often.

Some Benefits of Consulting a Valley Village Therapists:

  • Cope up with stress
  • Overcome fear and insecurities
  • Understand you problem in a much better way
  • Establish a very dependable and stable routine
  • Define and reach all your wellness goals
  • Develop a plan for overcoming the crisis
  • Keep your original personality away from the mood swings and illness caused by the same
  • Bring out some sense from your past experiences
  • Identify some of your triggers which may lead to worsen your problems
  • Stop all the destructive habits like unhealthy sex, over spending, drinking and using drugs

How do Psychiatric Problems Start Haunting You?

  • Anxiety, anger, troubling feelings and irritability
  • Some family and relationship issues which may lead you to depression
  • Instant thought of hurting yourself
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits which are quite fatal for your health

The person or the doctor providing you the therapy may be a doctor of a therapist. They will help you and will guide you in the best possible way to deal with your problems. No problem in this world if bigger if you know how to deal with it in a positive way. Valley Village therapists are not much expensive nor are heavy on your pockets. Availing this therapy will bring some stability in the life of a person who is suffering from these disorders.

Get the Services of Best Pediatrician for Your Child’s Complete Health Care

A pediatrician is the one who is a medical practitioner that provides cure for the diseases andassistance towards complete health care needs related to children. You can also term them as doctors who are child specialists and whenever your child is sick then the first thought that comes to your mind is to meet a pediatrician because they are the experts who know everything in a perfect manner as to what treatment is to be given in the case of diseases encountered by children. They cater to children of various age groups and it could be an infant to a 5-year-old baby.

Are you searching for a pediatric surgeon in navi Mumbai?

Is your child going through some serious troubles and if that’s the reason you are looking for the best pediatric surgeon in navi Mumbai then you should keep certain important points in mind which are listed as follows –

  • Make sure to visit only an experienced pediatric surgeon because after all it’s the matter of your child’s life, so you should not compromise in any way.
  • Check out the reviews of the people who have availed the services of such a doctor before and whether they were satisfied with the medical treatment or not.
  • See your budget. Some pediatric surgeons may charge a huge sum of money from you while some maybe within your affordable range. So make sure to enquire beforehand.
  • If you are unsure that which pediatric surgeon will be the best for your child then consult a few of them, see who is the one amongst all of them that is able to understand the exact cause behind the medical problem. Then proceed to avail the services of such doctor who is giving a 100% correct diagnosis.

By keeping all these points in mind, you will be able to select the best pediatric surgeon for your child and thereby ensuring complete health care for your loved one.

What are the aspects that you should consider while preparing a list of pediatric dentists in navi Mumbai?

Everyone is just scared to visit a dentist because we have a conception in mind that the dental treatment is very painful. And when it comes to children they are even more scared than the adults. So if you are making a list of pediatric dentist in navi Mumbai then there are certain aspects that you should consider-

  • Modern dental treatment has become painless, thus choose a dentist for your child that provides access to all the advanced andpainless technology for treatment.
  • See the fees charged by different dentists and what will be the cost for specific treatment and then accordingly choose the option that lies within your budget.
  • Check how much experienced the pediatric dentist is, because a child’s case is much more sensitive than any adult.
  • If possible check out the reviews of different persons who have availed these types of services in the past.

Thus, if you will consider all these aspects then it will become really easy for you to incorporate some of the best choices in your list of pediatric dentists in navi Mumbai and finally you can visit thedentist that is the most suitable as per your requirements.

Cost and Benefits of Surgery to Replace Heart Valve in India

People who need heart valve replacement must use another valve, either from a donor or an artificial one. The heart valve will therefore be made of animal tissue or from some strong man-made material such as plastics.

Types of valves and the defects

You have four types of valves in the human heart.

  1. Aortic valve
  2. Mitral valve
  3. Tricuspid valve
  4. Pulmonic valve

You can see how the low Heart Valve Replacement Cost in India is attracting medical tourism. It is almost one fifth to one-sixth the cost of the procedure in foreign countries. This has made India a leading spot for people who want medical treatment. You need heart valve replacement when they do not close, valves do not open fully, you have defects in the heart, or you have endocarditis.

People who will need surgery

The problem when the valve does not close completely is that the blood begins to flow back. Thus, oxygenated blood will return to the lungs. We call this regurgitation. The other extreme condition is stenosis where the blood is not allowed to flow forward. This happens when the heart valve closes too tightly.

You could become a candidate for the heart valve replacement surgery if you have one of the following conditions. You have changes in the heart valve that begin to affect your heart function. You get heart symptoms such as angina, shortness of breath, and fainting spells due to the defective heart valves.

Method of doing the surgery

The procedure involves making an incision in the chest and exposing the heart within. Then the surgeon removes the tendons and loosens the valve to the extent where he can remove the faulty valve and replace it with the good one. Then, he closes the incision in the chest, starts the heartbeat, and starts the heart-lung machine that was supporting the patient all along. They put the patient under general anaesthesia for the operation.

Signs of the heart disease

The people who need the heart valve transplant are those who exhibit one or more of the following symptoms.

  1. Acquired heart valve diseases: One example of this is calcification of the valves.
  2. Congenital heart valve diseases: An example of this is valves that leak or are too narrow.
  3. Cardiomyopathy: This condition refers to enlarged heart muscles.
  4. Tumours in the valve calls for remedial action.
  5. Aortic aneurysm.
  6. Infective endocarditis: Syphilis.
  7. Angina.
  8. Increased opening of the annulus of the heart.

Cost of treatment in India

One of the most common valves that needs replacement is the mitral valve. The Mitral Valve Replacement Cost in India costs about $6,000. You can compare this to the cost in the Western countries that comes to $14,000 or more. Add to the first-class facility one has in India for the operation, it is no wonder that all the foreigners flock to India for their medical treatment.

The treatment is done only after a thorough examination of the patient and his medical history. If you want a heart replacement surgery, book an appointment with the surgeon and he or she will tell you how to go about it.

Best Four Health Benefits Of Tomato Paste

Many people take tomato paste when eating fries. These individuals principally take the paste to make the fries satisfactory. Did you know there are many health benefits that accompanied the paste? Here are some of the benefits:

Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention agents assault and slaughter free radicals that incite illnesses and maturing. A recent report done by the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry found that the assembling procedure of the paste builds the measure of cancer prevention agents in the paste.

Vitamin E and K

The paste contains vitamin E and K which capacity and cell reinforcements. The vitamins likewise help in controlling vein expansion and cell correspondence.

Throughout the year’s vitamin K has been known to advance cluster arrangement, wound recuperating and sound bone improvement.

As per Linus Pauling organization, when you take one serving of the paste you take 12% of the prescribed day by day admission of these two supplements.


Fiber has many advantages in the body: it adds mass to your stool hence guaranteeing that you are sound, diminishes cholesterol levels in blood and brings down the glucose levels. Studies have demonstrated that when you take one tomato paste serving you take 1 gram of the day by day suggested 6 grams.

Vitamin An and C

Both of these supplements work as cancer prevention agents in this manner shielding you from cell harm that adds to infection. The supplements have different advantages in the body. For instance, vitamin C fortifies your bones and ligament. Vitamin A, then again, underpins the safe framework.

7 Surprising Health Benefits You Must Read (infographic)

benefits of tomato ketchup

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Clearly, there are many benefits that accompany taking tomato paste. When getting it you ought to keep away from the paste that contains included salt. This is on account of the extra salt spikes normal salt levels in the body along these lines putting you at the danger of high blood pressure.