Entertainment in Bangalore: An overview

Bangalore is a city known for the huge number of Information Technology companies that work in the city. The hustle of the city is something which can take a toll on the millions of professionals that work here. Relaxing and unwinding after a long and stressful day can be very important. Entertainment and leisure are very important and it can help individuals take a much-needed breather from the hectic work life. It helps them think about something a little less stressful.

Luckily Bangalore is filled with places where one can indulge themselves in a bit of leisure and entertainment. It can be in any form, some may prefer to sit and have great food and camaraderie with their close friends. Others may choose to soak themselves by doing a little bit of therapeutic shopping and some may prefer to just look at the natural beauty in and around the city.

MG Road is a very popular attraction in Bangalore; it is a hub of commercial and recreational activity of the city. It is filled with people and the place is a one-stop destination for a perfect weekend getaway. One can find a great number of bars and restaurants at their disposal. These serve a variety of cuisine from across the country and across the world. The area is also home to some of the most popular microbreweries in the country.

They offer refreshing drinks and one can sit back, relax and sip on a beverage of their choice. It is also home to a host of shopping centres and local markets. One can get bargain deals as well as some quality high-end shopping on the same day. Once you’ve had your fill with shopping, you can then enjoy the nightlife in some of the best pubs in the city. It is the perfect place for one to spend their hard earned money and feel great about it.

Lalbagh Gardens:  It is an internationally renowned centre for scientific study of plants, botanical artwork and also for conservation of plants. It covers an area of 254 acres and is home to over 1800 species of plant life. It is an old garden and was commissioned by the then ruler of Mysore, Hyder Ali. It took some time to complete and by the time his son the famous Tipu Sultan began his reign in 1760, it was finally finished.

There is a very popular rock structure called the Lalbagh rock, which dates back to over 3000 million years. It is a prime tourist spot and people from all around the world visit the place. One can come and let go of their stresses and admire the prime plant life in and around the area.

Bangalore has something for everyone and one would regret if they did not visit this city at least once. It is easy to get flight tickets as well; one can easily check Delhi Bangalore flights schedule and book right away. So pack your bags and hop on a plane to explore a culturally diverse and rich city.

Meri Durga Full Episode Cast and Main Characters:

Star Plus new Serial Meri Durga could be a lovely and galvanizing tale of a girl fulfilling her father’s dream. Durga isn’t studious. She is incredibly cheerful as each lady of her age. She has no interest in studies. Her father Yashpal dreams to form her a government officer. He needs to visualize Durga on a high post in order that everybody salutes her with respect.

Yashpal’s dreams get shaky once Durga fails in her exams. He decides to send her to Bhiwani to let his sister raise her. Durga vows to review exhausting and persuade Yashpal to let her keep back in her village.

Durga has sturdy relations with Hanuman Islamic Group. Durga starts her journey to measure up to Yashpal’s expectations with an honest intention to meet her father’s dreams. Durga’s real talent of being a quick runner gets determined by a teacher. Meri Durga traces Durga’s journey to achieve success, fame and honor.


Yashpal could be a terribly caring, wise and loving father. he’s elder son and is incredibly accountable towards family. He continuously created sacrifices for his siblings. He didn’t get educated and spent all his earnings in educating his siblings. He has no regrets in life, however has one dream to visualize Durga come through honor. Yashpal has 2 daughters, Amrita and Durga. He feels proud to possess such sensible valued daughters. Yashpal doesn’t let economic condition have an effect on him goodness. Yashpal works as navvy in an exceedingly faculty. He stays in village, however contains a progressive mind to coach daughters.


Durga could be a sweet and bubbly lady. She is Yashpal’s younger girl. She loves her family and might do something for them. Durga doesn’t prefer to study and finds arithmetic her enemy. Durga seeks facilitate from Hanuman Islamic Group whenever she falls in bother. She likes to fly kites and lark about in fields. She enjoys her childhood. She has attention downside and suffers at school.

Durga finds herself lucky to urge true friends. Durga makes all potential makes an attempt to administer happiness to everybody. She is raised amorously, and holds Yashpal’s honest values. She is Yashpal’s pride.

Meri Durga Star Plus Serial Cast:

  • Vicky Ahuja Playing the role as Yashpal Choudhary
  • Ananya Agarwal as Durga
  • Amardeep Jha as Dadi
  • Rajiv Khanna as Brijpal
  • Rashmi Shaw as Annupurna
  • Jyotika Kukrety as Sheela Chachi
  • Aishwarya as Amrita
  • Sanjay Kaushik as Rishi
  • Rakhi Tandon as Subhadra
  • Rajesh Shringarpure as Coach
  • Nandani Master as Srijita

Meri Durga Full Episode


Sound Bars V Surround Sound For Your Home Cinema

Compared to the big, bulky TV sets of old, modern flat-screen TVs offer bigger, clearer, higher-definition screens and are so lightweight that you can hang them on the wall; however, where they lose out to older sets is the sound.

As they do not have that big wooden box housing the speakers, most modern TVs tend to have a quite weak sound. This means you might struggle to hear dialogue, or find that music and sound effects overwhelm speech.

What can you do? The answer is external speakers in the form of either a surround sound system or a soundbar, but which is best?

Day-to-day TV viewing

For everyday TV use, most home automation companies will recommend you go for a soundbar. These have the advantage of being compact and are easy to connect, usually with just one cable.

A soundbar will have a number of speakers combined in a single box designed to sit in front of or under the TV. Some may have a separate sub-woofer to give the better bass response. They will usually have a number of pre-programmed modes designed to optimise the listening experience for different things, such as music or movies. Adding a soundbar is the best way to improve your TV listening experience with minimal effort and cost.

Movie viewing

If you are fond of watching movies and want to create a true home cinema experience, Digital interiors specialists in home automation are likely to recommend a multi-speaker system.

These have a sub-woofer and a number of satellite speakers. A 5.1 system, for example, will have a sub-woofer plus five satellites. This allows you to have three speakers in front and two behind, giving a surround sound experience. Most day-to-day TV is broadcast in stereo; therefore, you will only get the full effect when watching films on Blu-ray or DVD, which are recorded with true multi-channel audio.
The drawback of this type of set-up is that lots of speakers involve lots of cables. Achieving a neat installation, therefore, takes a bit of work. Wireless systems are becoming available; however, you still need to deliver power to the satellites, so there are still some cables involved.

Which type of system is best for you really depends on the type of TV you watch.

First Dates Recruiting For Next Series

The Channel 4 dating show, First Dates, is coming back to your screens for a second series. Fans of the show can watch more people go on dates to try to forge a new relationship. The series is currently recruiting for potential daters and is specifically targeting men over the age of 30. Read on to find out more about the new series.

First Dates find people to go on dates and hopefully get a great match. New partnerships have been created by the show which sees the partners go on a date to the London restaurant Paternoster Chop House for a delicious meal.

Recruitment for the Show

All ages are welcome to apply for the show and older men are being targeted for the new series which will air on Channel 4 at 10pm on Mondays. People looking to take part in the show can get in touch with the producers by emailing the website.

It takes a certain amount of courage to go on TV to find love! The people who apply to the show will be vetted by the producers to make sure they are there for the right reasons. All the participants need to be serious about finding a partner and their date will be edited and shown on TV to the viewers.

TV aerial repairs

Before the new series starts it is always a good idea to check your TV is working properly and that your aerial is in good working order. Thankfully, it is easy to install a new aerial. For those looking for Gloucester TV aerial repair or repair experts in any other area of the country, there are many experts available who can do the job for you, such as http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-cheltenham/.

Some people are tempted to install their TV aerial themselves. However, good installation is essential for receiving a high-quality TV picture without interference. There are some guides to installing an aerial online, such as this one form the BBC. Tips include making sure the aerial points towards the local transmitter and getting it as high as possible.

Always remember this is a specialist job and expert technicians can be found online to come to your home and carry out the repair or installation. This way you can be sure your TV is ready to watch the new series of First Dates!

Essential Ways Online DJ Lessons Can Help You in Creating Amazing and Signature Sound

You can find the greatest DJs easily around the world with their fan following. While hearing a new track launched in the track, you can be able to know the person behind its music by determining the signature styles and sounds. A person who is well-versed with the DJ skills knows well how to enhance his or her skills so as to produce an amazing sound for the public. But the aim of every passionate DJ is to become a signature artist that requires a lot of efforts to be done. So, to become a signature DJ artist, you need to stand yourself away from the crowd that can only be possible if you learn the best DJ lessons online or offline as per your convenience.

Here are some of the ways that online DJ lessons in Los Angeles may help you in producing a signature and amazing sound:

  1. Expanding the knowledge base: No matters whether you are an experienced DJ or not, there would always b e several areas in DJ skills where you might be lacking somewhere. Since there are several software available in the market for DJ and lots of updates keep on striking on the regular basis, therefore, don’t skip or forget to boost your DJ skills on the regular basis so that you could expand your knowledge base.
  1. Widen DJ techniques: Knowing only a few things might make it difficult for you to mix sound and to show your creativity. The more you will have knowledge on the tools, the more you will be able to create an amazing sound that nobody might have heard before. So, get involved with the efficient Djing lessons to learn to become an efficient DJ.
  1. Learn using lots of software: A DJ always needs to have access to lots of DJ software because you might have to use different software for creating a different type of sound. So, never leave an opportunity of learning DJ lessons that may help you to have knowledge on the usage of different software.
  1. Turn your basics into advanced: Although you might have a good knowledge on the basic DJ skills, but you cannot always work out with these basic skills. You always need to step ahead and to learn the advanced DJ skills. So, don’t always rely on the basic DJ skills, try to convert your basic skills into the advanced skills.
  1. Experimenting with sounds: The more you learn the lessons on DJ from the experienced trainers, more you will be able to experiment with the sounds by combining them and mixing them. So, being a DJ, it is essential to keep experimenting with the different sounds and to come up with the unique and creative signature sound.

Want to learn the private DJ lessons in Los Angeles. If you have a dream of becoming an efficient DJ with a massive fan following, then learn DJ lessons at Take Sessions that have a team of highly experienced and professional trainers who are providing the DJ classes in Los Angeles at the cost effective prices.